8 Reasons The Nectary is ECO-AS!

As I mentioned in my last/first blog post it is important for me to be proud of The Nectary and for it to align with my personal values... I want to build a company that is environmentally conscious and has sustainability at its core. 

So, wherever possible I have made conscious decisions to ensure The Nectary is as eco-friendly and sustainable as possible in everything we do.

Here are 8 reasons why The Nectary is ECO-AS!

1. We use plant-based cellophane that YOU can compost, including our aqua packs.
2. We provide flower food in compostable sachets.
3. Our flower care cards are made from recycled paper that you can plant to grow wildflowers.
4. We use beautiful wrapping paper made from hemp that you can recycle.
5. Our tissue paper and tags are made from recycled paper that you can recycle.
6. Our gift bags are made from recycled card with eco-friendly recyclable stickers.
7. We use vegan friendly paper-tape made from recycled products that is recyclable.
8. We will be planting trees in the Scottish Highlands to help offset our carbon footprint - more details on this coming soon.
You can see our freshest eco-friendly weekly hand-tied designs here.

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