Flower delivery that doesn't cost the earth

At The Nectray ‘ECO’ isn’t a buzz word that we throw around… being eco is a conscious decision and the result of asking ourselves every day at every turn – is this the most environmentally friendly way we can do this?

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The eighth and final reason on the list states that we will be planting trees in the Scottish Highlands to help offset our carbon footprint - with more details coming soon…

Today we are proud to announce that The Nectary will be planting a tree in the Scottish Highlands for every 99 bouquets sold. And that each tree planted will offset around 1 tonne of carbon!!!

It’s hard for us to measure exactly what our carbon emissions will be for our free local delivery service around Ayrshire for 99 bouquets…but we are100% certain that this initiative will contribute to further lowering The Nectary's carbon footprint.

We make these decisions, not because they are easy, but because they matter. They matter to us... And we hope they matter to you too.

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