What does 2021 have in store for The Nectary?

Today is The Nectary’s TWO-month anniversary… and we have some very exciting news!!!

We recently signed the lease for our first store, located in Mauchline on Kilmarnock Road (The Pet Shop)! We had initially planned to open on 1st Dec but the new Covid-19 restrictions has derailed that date. We are now working towards opening on 6th January 2021.

The Nectary - Mauchline

When we first envisioned The Nectary it was as a store. We set out to create a sustainable floristry business but we also wanted to be a hub for other fresh, sustainable and local produce – after all, the nectary of a flower is where all the sweet stuff comes from. But Covid meant that we had to take a step back and launch online first, so we made the decision to focus on our floral styling.  

However, this opportunity is just too exciting to pass up and even though we must be fricken crazy to even consider opening a shop just now; that’s exactly what we are going to do!

The store will be an extension of what we have been doing from our workshop over the last two months. We will still be releasing our two luxurious floral designs every week - with eco-friendly products and processes at the core of what we do, but...

we will be increasing our floral styling offerings and have also been reaching out to other local and eco-friendly businesses about stocking their produce – with many already confirmed. But more info on our partners coming soon.

We still have tonnes of work left to do but we just wanted to officially make it official that The Nectary is coming to Mauchline.

Thank you so much to everyone who has supported The Nectary since we launched in September. You have literally made this next step possible!

Merci bouquet,


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  • Dianne Mccolm

    Looking forward to seeing your new shop in Mauchline open in January all the very best of luck I’m sure it will be very successful 😊

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