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Eucalyptus Bunch

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A bunch of scented Eucalyptus (British) makes a botanical statement in any room, filling the air with its tranquil fragrance. 

Pull a good handful together and tie up in your bathroom to bring that spa feel home.

For best results in your shower, crush the leaves releasing the oils. Make sure to hang close enough to the water for the steam to lift the aroma but not so close it’s touching. 
This bunch is more than enough to fill a large vase or is easily divided to spread around the home.
Our Eucalyptus Bunch comes wrapped in kraft paper and is finished with twine and ribbon, ready for you to arrange at home- don’t be scared to cut the larger pieces to create more stems!
It will last for weeks, just make sure to give the bottom of the stems a snip every so often, and keep the water and vases fresh.  It can also be easily dried in its vase if you simply let the water run out.