How We Work


The Nectary is not your average florist!!!

We don't bulk buy the same old flowers week-in week-out to churn out the same tired designs over and over and over and over and...

Instead, The Nectary creates and offers only two luxurious and contrasting hand-tied bouquets each week. By offering only two weekly designs it allows us to be continuously creative and truly showcase the natural beauty of seasonal flowers, bringing you more variety. It also enables us to be more eco-friendly as it allows us to minimize waste - which enables us to give your luxurious floral designs at the very best value.

We launch our new designs every Wednesday morning and they are available for delivery from Wednesday afternoon until the following Tuesday afternoon.  


All of our bouquets come aqua-packed and gift wrapped with eco-friendly products as standard. This includes recyclable tissue paper, hemp paper and tags all made from recycled products, compostable plant-based cellophane, vegan recyclable tape, flower food in a compostable sachets and plantable wildflower seed card.  

Also, for every 100 bouquets sold, we plant a tree in the Scottish Highlands to offset our carbon footprint.  


Can I choose what design I want even if the designs for my delivery date haven't been released yet? 

Yes, we will email you as soon as the designs have been launched for your delivery date. You can let us know which bouquet you prefer up until 11am on the day of delivery.  

However, as we try to minimize waste it means that we have a limited amount of each bouquet design available throughout the week. When you place an advance order, we will ask you to let us know your preferred design but we cannot always guarantee we can fulfil this. Though we always try to accommodate these requests, if we are unexpectedly busy or one design is far more popular than the other, we deal with these requests on a first-come, first-served basis- so make sure you let us know as soon as you can.  

If I order my flowers to be delivered on the Tuesday, does this mean they are already 1 week old since that is the last day of the design? 

No! We want our flowers to be as fresh as possible, so we restock throughout the week. Nature can be fickle, so sometimes we aren’t able to restock particular flowers even within the same week! If this happens, and a particular flower is not available we will replace it with one of greater or equal value, making every effort to closely match the pictured designs. 

Do you provide contactless delivery? 

Yes! All flowers are delivered by contactless delivery and our delivery driver wears the appropriate PPE.  

I really want to have a particular flower in my bouquet, is this possible? 

This is only available if you order a bespoke bouquet.