plant your tag

Every flower arrangement from The Nectary will come with a flower care tag attached to help you keep your flowers blooming beautiful.
The tag is made from recycled cotton waste and is laced with a bee friendly seed mix that includes Sweet Alyssum, Poppy, Baby’s Breath & Basil. These are non-invasive species that are commonly found in the wild and in garden shops. They can be grown in pots and left outside for bees and other pollinators.
To make sure your seed paper has the best chance of turning into beautiful flowers, just follow these easy instructions. 
        • Soak your tag in water and tear into small pieces.
        • Place pieces in a pot of compost and lightly sprinkle more on top.
        • Keep the soil and paper moist in a warm and light environment.
        • They can take from 1 week to  30 days to sprout so just wait and watch them grow!
        • Once your small plants have grown, place pot outside, or keep on a window that has lots of sun.