subscription flowers

Flowers are transformative, they transform our moods and create atmospheres. With every passing glance, they let you admire their natural beauty, making you smile and appreciate what surrounds you.

Why not feel the joy and power of flowers throughout the seasons!

Whether you want to let someone know you are always thinking of them, looking for that perfect gift or you just simply love flowers, then a flower subscription from The Nectary may be exactly what you need.

We offer weekly, fortnightly and monthly deliveries - just select the size of bouquet and the length of your subscription and then wait for your beautiful flowers to arrive, and arrive, and arrive again!

Don’t worry... you still get to choose what style you want for each delivery. We will email you for your choice when we launch the styles for your delivery date.

The benefits of a flower subscription, other than obviously getting to admire the sheer beauty of our floral styles as they bloom through the seasons:

  • The recipient continues to feel your love (even if it is self-love) and the power of flowers
  • Each bouquet is discounted by 10%
  • You can share the love and nominate someone for a free bouquet on your 10th delivery.
  • You support a local sustainably minded business
  • Flowers, flowers, flowers!