wedding flowers

Flowers have held meaning in the celebration of love since ancient times. The traditions and styles of flowers have changed over the years and differ around the world, but they are always present.

Known for our ever-changing floral designs, we come alive with the possibilities that arise with weddings and we will work with you to ensure that your wedding florals enchant the senses and say exactly what you want them to.

When you choose to work with The Nectary, you choose florals that support the environment. Not only will your floral styling be hearteningly beautiful, it will also be eco-friendly - check out our Eco-promise.

Flowers are for everyone, so The Nectary caters for every wedding, no matter the size, venue or amount of flowers. We offer fully bespoke wedding florals through our Immersion and Outline services.

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For weddings, we also offer a flower recycling service, where we re-purpose the flowers to bring joy to others, whether it be for a local care home, hospital ward, or just some random people - it's your choice.