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Carousel Dreams

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Like the horses of a carousel the seasons gallop on a never-ending cycle from Winter to Spring and Summer to Autumn.

Carousel Dreams is inspired by the merry-go-round of the seasons and the yearns for yesterday and the endless dreams of tomorrow.

Carousel Dreams includes soft buttercup yellow roses, deep burgundy chrysanthemums, autumnal Leucadendron, mellow romance hypericum, seasonal lavatera seedbox, airy greenbells all surrounded by a mix of green foliage.

Picture is Grande. Magnifique includes 50% extra stems.

Carousel Dreams is only available from the 7th October to the 13th October, if you would like flowers delivered after this date then please order future flowers.

Eco comes as standard

With The Nectary, eco-friendly comes as standard... Carousel Dreams is delivered aqua packed in plant based compostable cellophane, wrapped in eco-friendly tissue paper and luxurious recyclable hemp paper, and tied with twine. Even the plant food sachet is compostable.