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Floral Coral

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From the perfect blend of orange, pink and red comes coral… the delicate and symbolic colour of our natural environment at its most rarest.

This design is inspired by the complexity and fragility of life, and the importance of the precious moments we share with one another.

Floral Coral includes the distinctive trumpets of glow pink calla lilies, supported by peach alchemy roses, maryland pink snapdragon, baltica salmon chrysanthemum and silver velvet senecio.

Image is Grande. Magnifique includes extra stems and pink ice protea.

Eco comes as standard

With The Nectary, eco-friendly comes as standard... Floral Coral is delivered aqua packed in plant based compostable cellophane, wrapped in eco-friendly tissue paper and luxurious recyclable hemp paper, and tied with twine. Even the plant food sachet is compostable.