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Ling Honeycomb teapot is a stunning example of pierced Chinese porcelain also known as Ling Long ware. The teapot includes an integrated strainer in the spout for loose leaf teas and holds a maximum capacity of 700ml. Cups come separately in a pack of 4. The techniques of Ling long or 'rice grain' pottery originated in the Imperial kilns of the Sui and Tan dynasties. These ceramics are characterised by piercing ornamental holes in the pottery that are then covered with a translucent glaze.

Grey Ru ceramic teapot has a maximum capacity of 700ml. The teapot also includes a removable stainless steel tea infuser to for loose leaf tea. Cups come separate in a pack of 4. Ru Ware was originally produced for the Imperial courts of the Song Dynasty (960 - 1127). The Ru kilns originated in Ruzhou, Henan Province and are particularly known for the small amounts of iron oxide in their glaze that oxidize and turn a greenish colour  when fired.

Prestige Glass 800ml teapot is a beautiful, mouth blown glass teapot that's sure to grace any table or special occasion. Each teapot comes with a coil filter in the spout and a central glass infuser to carefully control the infusion of your loose leaf teas. It can easily be removed when brewing a flowering tea. It is fully heat resistant and even dishwasher safe. double walled orange glass cups come separately in packs of 4