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lily and rose

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The modest Rose puts forth a thorn, The humble sheet a threat’ning horn: While the Lily white shall in love delight, Nor a thorn nor a thread stain her beauty bright.                                                                                                                          William Blake

Lily and Rose is a soft blend of these majestic flowers in a pink and white palette surrounded by a mixed foliage. 

Our flower stock is ever changing to ensure the best quality of flowers, therefore the images of our Staple bouquets are a guide to style and colour only. What you receive may likely differ slightly in the variety of lilies and roses. 

Eco comes as standard

With The Nectary, eco-conscious comes as standard... lily and rose is delivered aqua packed in plant based compostable cellophane, wrapped in eco-friendly tissue paper and luxurious recyclable hemp paper or jute, and tied with twine and reusable ribbon. Even the cellotape and plant food sachet is compostable.