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Pretty Pastels

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Pastels, with their soft mesmerizing hues have attracted the master painters, the bees, the butterflies and the passersby.

Pretty Pastels is inspired by people with delicate and charming souls.  

Pretty Pastels includes Leucanthemum, scabiosa lavender scoop, limonium, white ferry, lavender stock, and pink springs gerbera and in a mixed green foliage.

Pretty Pastels is one of our signature style bouquets, which change every week. As such, it is only available from 19th May to 25th May or until sold out.  If you would like one of our signature bouquets delivered after this date then please order future signature style

Grande is pictured. Magnifique contains 50% more stems.  

Please note that we restock flowers throughout the week but they can be fickle and their availability limited, so at times we may need to replace a flower but we will do so with one of the same or higher value in keeping with the style. 

Eco comes as standard

With The Nectary, eco-friendly packaging comes as standard... Pretty Pastels is aqua packed in plant based compostable cellophane, wrapped in eco-friendly recyclable glassine paper and luxurious eco-friendly jute, tied with twine and reusable ribbon. Even the plant food sachet is compostable.