The Green Man - The Nectary - Floral Styling

The Green Man

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The Green Man is an enigma that has spanned thousands of years and cultures. Despite its ambiguous origin it is generally believed to represent growth and rebirth. 

Inspired by those who choose to remain evergreen in a season of pumpkin spice.

The arrangement includes the unmistakable brassica condor, deep green anastasia chrysanthemums, bright side of the moon carnations, delicate flowers of euphorbia, soft droplets of snowberries, enclosed in a walled garden of vibrant foliage. 

Picture is Grande. Magnifique includes 50% extra stems.

Eco comes as standard

With The Nectary, eco-friendly comes as standard... The Green Man is delivered aqua packed in plant based compostable cellophane, wrapped in eco-friendly tissue paper and luxurious recyclable hemp paper, and tied with twine. Even the plant food sachet is compostable.